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Welcome to Sundaram Applied Technologies!

Let's fix your technology!

Hi and welcome to my company site.  In a few minutes I'd like to explain some of the ways we can work together to get your technology fixed.

I've been involved in technology for many years and I have been fortunate to be involved in many different technology projects, which, the words of a famous movie mean 'I have a particular set of skills...'!

Examples of what I done include:

  • Turning around failing software projects and teams
  • Developing IT and Technology strategies, along with execution plans
  • Project managing a technology initiative to successful conclusion

I very much enjoy helping companies create and transform their visions into reality through technology and product development plans. Developing and planning technology, as well as come up with compelling creative and innovate technology and product visions, is an important strategic priority in today's leading organizations.

Whether you are planning a software development project, laying out a technology hardware product strategy, or developing a research roadmap for the next 10 years, there are many practical tools and strategic frameworks that can help you to be more innovative whilst at the same time reducing the risk and cost of a technology venture, and ultimately increase the likelihood of success in the marketplace.

With the rising interest in agile and lean startup methodologies, the need for technology and strategic planning is more critical than ever to ensure both your short and long term goals will be met.  No single tool or framework alone will get you there, but together I hope we can chart a roadmap to technology success!

My interests are diverse and I have a lot of projects and ventures that keep me occupied and interested.  I am helping to develop a lot of software including the development of an Index Cards app to boost creativity, to building out the new Wine Acuity app for wine tasting.  I do a lot of work in technology planning, particularly helping companies that are trying to build out new software, cross platforms, cost effectively.

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Prem Sundaram

President and CEO

Sundaram Applied Technologies Inc.