Prem Sundaram Biography

Prem is an international technology consultant with over 20 years of experience specializing in planning and managing technology projects. He has worked with many organizations to help them improve the performance of their technology teams. The improvements tend to be around IT projects and IT 'psychology' - on more than one occasion he has been called an IT therapist to help resolve difficult IT situations! - but Prem also has a lot of experience in non-IT technology projects, as you will learn below.

Typically the consulting work centers around two areas of improvement:

1) Technology project plan development, ensuring fit, scope and timing to meet overall company business strategy and expectations

2) Management of technology projects and team members, such as software or IT implementations of one type or another - as well as other types of technology such as hardware, or even materials science innovations.

Side note: Prem has a degree in Materials Science from Cambridge University, so has a soft-spot for innovative materials science projects!

Perhaps the best way to know more about Prem is to learn about the projects he has done recently or is currently doing. And as a side note, that picture of the trees? Yes, he took that! Prem enjoys astro-photography and exploring the global landscape - this time in Joshua Tree, California.



Consultant and Director of Information Technology, 1st Century Bank. Los Angeles.

1st Century Bank was a small regional community bank in Los Angeles with a small unstructured IT team. Prem was brought in to solve a critical situation - demoralized staff and failing IT systems with the potential to cripple the operations.  Starting with helping them develop their Technology Disaster Recovery plan, and evaluating the IT team,  he was able to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of the current situation.  Prem then took over as the Director of IT with the current manager reporting to him as a senior system engineer. Prem put in place a new structured technology plan and over the following 2 years successfully guided the company to an efficient and responsive technology group, bringing in new systems, movement to cloud, and new personnel. 


Innovation Consultant, Future Position X, Sweden

FPX is a geo-spatial focused technology cluster in Sweden. Over a number of years Prem provided strategic, marketing and technology advice to the CEO. Most recently he worked with the CEO to develop a new 10-year business and technology strategy called the Geo Life Region. The new strategy direction was submitted to a Swedish innovation funding agency, we and won first prize.


Consultant and Chief Marketing Officer, Circular Industries, Netherlands

Prem's knowledge and expertise go beyond just information technology.  Prem is working with Circular Industries to shape their global marketing and technology plans. With a degree in Materials Science, Prem initially worked in the mining industry with Rio Tinto, and now is excited to be supporting Circular Industries with their innovative electronic waste metals recovery system, that has the potential to revolutionalize how we extract precious and rare metals from waste electronics.

There are many other technology projects that we can mention, but as you can see, Prem's technology management experience is quite diverse and it centers around a key theme: Technology Planning and Management.

Regardless of the actual type of technology you are working with, Prem can work with your senior management to identify your company business and marketing goals, and then help to shape a technology plan and team accordingly.  This involves developing a Technology Roadmap with specific milestones and actions, that match the needs of your organization.  From that, the correct Projects and People can be developed and managed, to achieve business success.