Let's get (in)Sync!

We are excited to announce the new (in)Sync! program from Sundaram Applied Technologies. 
We lead company teams through a structured, unique, and transformational process starting from the high level strategy, to refocus the vision, and ending with the technology and product groups in sync and ready to execute their new action plans.

(in)Sync! is our proprietary five-day (not consecutive) transformative program including workshops, coaching and mentoring.


Working with the CEO and Senior Management teams we build common vision, objectives and action plans.  

We review the company, competition and product vision, look into your product strategy, and work to re-prioritize the product roadmap and ultimately technology tasks.

After this workshop, we work with your teams on a regular basis to help them execute the action plans that have been developed - focusing on critical sales, marketing, product, technology, implementation and support processes each company needs in order to provide a great experience to customers and be able to grow.  

Prem conducted a very productive one-week (in)Sync! program where we redefined our product and technology plans, and got team alignment.  Now we feel we have an action plan that can guide us to greater success in 2019.  He continues to work with us to help manage the action-execution of our goals.

Invotech. Sweden

Who is this for?

This program is designed for companies that have not yet got a well organized product vision and development plan, and who are ready for a restart in response to a product or strategy pivot.  It is designed for companies that need to get their teams aligned on vision and action. 


Companies that go through this program obtain clarity of product vision, product roadmap and technology development tasks.


- Product Vision 

- Product Positioning 

- Product Strategy

- Product Roadmap

- Technology Plan

- Team Action Plan



Our progam usually takes the course of 5 days (not consecutive days)

- Day 1: Product Vision and Positioning

- Day 2 : Product Strategy

- Day 3: Product Feature Prioritization

- Day 4: Technology-Product Planning

- Day 5: Action Plans

After: Coaching and Follow-Up

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