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Managing the Technology-Product Interface

How 'in-sync' are your technology and product teams? Does it feel that the tech team is not responsive to the product team goals?

This is a common issue I see in high-growth technology companies, since everyone is so busy these days. However successful companies are actively managing the interface between these two groups and have clear product and technology roadmaps. How do they do this?

If you are lucky to be working in a well run high performing company, you will be having regular meetings between the teams in your company, with the tech group in full awareness of the product goals and expectations. However, the reality can sometimes fall short of this! That's why I created the Technology Product Canvas.

The canvas will act as quick way to facilitate a team discussion and get everyone on the same page. By going through the process, which can take as little as an hour, you will be managing that interface between the product and technology teams.

The Technology Product Canvas forces the team to explicitly state and visualize the product roadmap, the technology roadmap, and discuss each product-technology stage of the roadmap. This is the vital discussion at the interface which ensures the teams are in-sync and can leave the room knowing their clear direction and expectations.

This is the core of the work I do with clients - it's always about getting the two sides of the business on the same page! Try the canvas with your group and let me know how it works for you. Have fun!

To learn more about how to use the Technology Product Canvas click here


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