Rapid Software Prototype Service

Let us help you plan and develop a prototype for your new (amazing) app! 
Building an app is an exciting new venture and can help you to reach a new vision for your business.  Today 'apps' come in all shapes and sizes, from desktop, web, mobile, wearable, service, and beyond!  But success needs planning, and scoping out your app design, goals and budget is critical for success.

Our Rapid Software Prototype Service will take you through the key product concept feature roadmap workshops, and in addition we work with you to create a mock-up of your app.  


The outcome of this process includes creating your vision, your software product canvas, and developing a 'clickable' prototype of the app - so that you can communicate your true vision to future investors, partners or developers.  You will also identify the estimated scope, budget and risks of this venture.

Depending on the complexity, and how much time you have, we can usually achieve this outcome in 2-4 weeks.

Proprietary Software Product Canvas, Created by Sundaram Applied Technologies

“Sundaram Applied Technologies have been - and continue to be - our partner to develop our new app right from the initial product concept.  They guided us all the way, and helped to manage the technology-product process, ensuring the app supports our business strategy." 

Wine Acuity, Los Angeles

Who is this service for?

This program is designed for companies or entrepreneurs that have an idea for a new software app, but have not yet taken that first step of defining what the app will do, and how it will get developed. 


Companies that go through this program obtain clarity of product vision, product roadmap and software development tasks.


- Product Visioning

- Software Product Canvas development

- Customer and Feature Story Mapping

- Product Canvas (MVP)

- Budget and Tech Plan

- Software 'Clickable' MVP Prototype



Our Rapid Software Prototype service usually takes the course of 2-4 weeks.

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