Workshops and Services to Achieve your Goals
We also offer half-day to one-day standalone workshops, as well as a Rapid Software Prototype service, in addition to our (in)Sync! program.
It's important to get the product and technology teams on the same page - in vision, ideas and actions.  Depending on the situation a workshop can be very effective.  Examples of workshops and services we provide include:
Business Strategy Workshop
- Create a Business Model Canvas
- Review positioning, competition, value proposition
- Identify the issues and opportunities
Typically a half-day to one day workshop depending on scope and complexity. Ideal for the CEO and senior management team to obtain team-alignment.
Product Concept Workshop
- Create a Product Vision Canvas
- High Level Story Mapping
- Impact Mapping for Feature Prioritization
The Product Concept Workshop is often the most valuable and best place for a team to start.  It helps to focus and clarify the team on what the product and vision is. Through a story and impact mapping process it helps teams to get agreement on how the product features should be prioritized.
Technology and Product Roadmap Workshop
- Feature Story Mapping
- Impact Mapping
- Product Canvas (MVP)
- Technology Product Canvas
After the product vision has been developed, it is then possible to go deeper and build out more detailed product features and create the product roadmap.  We will develop one or more Product Canvas documents to help define the product releases, including the critical MVP initial release.  Through the Product Technology Canvas process we will help to define the technology plan and actions required to support the product development plan.
Rapid Software Prototype Service
- Product Vision
- Software Product Canvas (MVP)
- Software 'Clickable' Prototype
- Technology Product Canvas
Are you thinking of developing an app?  Perhaps its a new consumer oriented mobile app or a new business to business app.  Either way it can be daunting - and dangerous - to try and begin the process without a simple prototype.  At Sundaram Applied Technologies we've worked with many entrepreneurs and companies to help develop their ideas, vision and software.  In our Rapid Software Prototype Service, over the course of about a week, we will work with you to lay out the vision for your app, the key features, and then with our in-house tech team we will create a 'clickable' prototype to help you visualize and test your concept with potential customers.  Having a prototype will help you to communicate to potential investors, identify the most critical value features of your app, and help to identify the scope and estimate the budget for future software development.   We'll guide you in terms of the technology to use, what kind of software developer you should look for, and prepare a technology product canvas and development plan for you.
Interim CIO
- Short term 'High Impact' Help
- Ideal to fill a need or supplement team
- For selected clients that need CIO 'part-time'
For certain companies, it is helpful to have a CIO that can provide leadership for the technology strategy.  I have extensive experience in working as the CIO function, and this works well for smaller companies that don't have the budget for a full-time CIO, but need the role.  The interim CIO role that I can provide is also helpful if you are transitioning between CIO positions, and also if you just need additional 'CIO' capacity to push forward on some critical projects.  Contact me to learn more.

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