Developer of Web, iOS, Android, and Windows 10 software

Are you looking for a Los Angeles (home of Silicon Beach)  developer of cross platform apps?  Do you need an app for your new idea or business?

I, and my development team, have built a number of highly rated apps that are featured on the Windows, Apple, and Android app stores.

It can be a real challenge to build an app, from defining the concept, to developing a prototype, to finding a programmer, to building and testing an app.  With many apps behind me, I can take you through this process in a local and affordable manner.  My technology management experience really comes in handy as I manage the international programmers we work with, always to a successful result.  

In fact, we currently experimenting with the future of apps, called Progressive Mobile Apps, or PWA's.  This method of building an app has the potential to enable you build one app that works across all app platforms - iOS, Android., Windows and the Web! This can save you lots of time and money in long term.  

Contact me today to find out how we can work on your next app, and we do this quickly and affordably for you.