Technology Planning and Priorities

Get Your Tech Teams on Track

Does your software development or IT team have unclear priorities and goals?

It’s common for teams to veer off-target from ever-changing business priorities. Without regular project management, software and IT projects can easily degenerate into overflowing lists of tasks with unclear priorities and timelines.  Even if your team is using a task or project management tool like Trello or Jira they may not be setup correctly or using them effectively.   

When technology teams are unable to give clarity as to when projects will be finished, it can be extremely frustrating to the rest of the company who need to manage expectations of product or service features to be delivered to customers.  All this leads to a slow down in growth of opportunities for your company. 

The truth is that it’s very difficult for a technology team to do the work and to plan the work at the same time, and it’s even harder for them to plan for the next month let alone the next day in isolation.  The reality is that planning often takes second stage to the pressing tasks of the day.   

In my 20 years of experience, this is a very common problem, and where bringing in a 3rd party consultant to help review company priorities and set technology goals can help. As a technology project and planning specialist in Los Angeles, I work with software development and IT teams to prioritize and plan projects, to get teams on track, aligned with business priorities, and provide visibility of project status to everyone in the organization.

I offer the Technology Plans and Priorities (TPP) program to work with you and your team to prioritize your projects.  As part of this program we will:

  • Review your current software feature backlogs or IT projects

  • Understand the business goals

  • Develop a clear list of task and project priorities, updating the current projects and task lists, and

  • Recommend new tools or process improvements to ensure better communication and visibility about project and task status.

How much does the TPP program cost and how long will it take?

After we speak, I will be able to gauge the scope and complexity of the potential engagement. However, as a guideline, most TPP engagements cost between $5,000- $10,000 depending on complexity, and last a couple of weeks.


Just click the button below to shedule a time to chat with me either in-person or virtually about the program.  

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