Virtual Innovation Officer

CIO on-Demand 

What is a Virtual Innovation Officer?

The VIO service is designed for companies that are in need of a Chief Innovation Officer - but not full time. This is often known as virtual/remote /fractional Chief Innovation Officer. We call it a Virtual Innovation Officer, VIO.


Our Virtual Chief Innovation Officer service (VIO) is designed to meet your needs for a fast onboarding and predictable cost engagement to bring in an innovation expert to solve your critical business, technology and growth issues.

How will a CIO help me?

A CIO is a combination role of Technology, Product and Business Strategy leadership.  The CIO aligns and drives a company to its growth and business goals, by ensuring that the whole product experience meets and exceeds customer needs and desires. The CIO is adept at business planning, product strategy, technology and project management.  Especially in small companies, where funds are limited, a CIO provides an ideal  combination role of Chief Technology Officer, Chief Product Officer, and Business Development Officer.  In larger companies the CIO will provide the focal point for aligning the teams to achieve outcomes. The CIO ensures technology and business work in-sync to support the company goals, supporting the CEO in the company mission.

The CIO will help with one or more of these issues you are facing:


  • Product Vision, Product Prototype or MVP 

  • Product Positioning, Product Strategy and Goals

  • Product and Technology Roadmaps

  • Technology Planning and Project Management

  • Tools and Processes Improvement

  • Technology & Product Team Alignment

  • Growth Plans and Sales Processes

  • Team Coaching, Skills and Mentoring

  • Internal and Outsourced Team Management


We designed our Virtual Innovation Officer (VIO) service to fit the needs of companies at different stages and sizes.  With our VIO service you control the time allocated and focus. Isn't it time you got top innovation expertise at a fraction of the cost? Pick the VIO plan that works for you and let's start making some progress!


Ideal for companies with small budgets but big ideas.  Focused on technology coaching and product planning


 16 hrs/month  VIO

(1/2 day per week)


Ideal for growing companies that need structure to get traction on sales. Focused on  technology, product and sales

 32 hrs/month VIO

(1 day per week)


Ideal for companies that need to scale and grow sales. Focused on technology, sales, process and team alignment

64 hrs/month VIO

(2 days per week)


Ideal for companies that want to make big, innovative change and set new vision, structure, and goals.

Custom VIO Plan

Companies that engage a VIO will bring innovation, technology and business strategy into their organizations to solve critical issues quickly.  Our Virtual Innovation Officer service starts at just $2,495 per month. 


We love what we do, and are willing to conduct a one-hour complimentary discussion to help you think through a technology or business issue that is of concern to you. Don't delay, let's discuss today.

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